Launched in July 2017 by an entrepreneur situated in Noida, India, Discount Mafia has brands like Gucci, H&M, Peter England, pantaloons and Red chief at up to (10 -70)% off. Discount Mafia was working offline from 2014 and recently launched online activities, which now includes private sales (off and on line), dedicated shops and in-season corners for high-end brands. The group is also aiming to become an online department store, offering a global distribution solution for brands and a large variety of products and prices for customers.

Since 2014, Discount mafia is working for companies, shops and individuals. We design, consult and work tirelessly on your behalf, offering forward-thinking, customer-oriented solutions for all of your market needs.

The market is prevalently characterized by customer services and selling services to small and mid-sized shops. We focus on customized concepts to suit individuals and design our services around your needs.

Around 95% of our business comes from satisfied customers who actively recommend us.

Supporting founders of new businesses and business successions as well as established Shops forms a large part of our consulting work.
We are not just content to offer a satisfactory service – we aim to be exceptional.